Medical professional Launches Vision Quest To help Astronauts’ Eyeballs

Enlarge this Starlin Castro Jersey imageNASA astronaut Michael Barratt watches a water bubble float by on board the discovery in 2011.NASAhide captiontoggle captionNASANASA astronaut Michael Barratt watches a h2o bubble float by on board the invention in 2011.NASASpending time in room modifications folks: Not simply their outlook on lifestyle, but in addition their eyesight. For some time, a North Texas health practitioner has been seeking to determine precisely what is causing this eyesight change among the astronauts. His most up-to-date exploration delivers some clues and connects astronauts over the Intercontinental Space Station, most cancers sufferers over a roller coaster airplane flight, and high-tech sleeping sacks. After investing 6 months about the Intercontinental Area Station, Michael Barratt experienced a wierd ask for when he at last stepped foot on earth. He wanted a spinal faucet. Barratt is just not a masochist, he’s a NASA astronaut. When traveling many hundreds of miles over Earth in 2009, he observed his eyesight was transforming. He was struggling to study manuals and checklists. Enlarge this imageAn picture of astronaut Michael Barratt’s suitable eye exhibits several of the alterations in shape soon after long-duration space flight.Courtesy of NASAhide captiontoggle captionCourtesy of NASAAn impre sion of astronaut Michael Barratt’s ideal eye reveals several of the changes in form after long-duration area flight.Courtesy of NASA”I expended a great deal of time around the Ru sian phase likewise. If you’re examining in Ru sian in compact print in a dark place, and your visual acuity starts off to tank, you recognize it!” Barratt says. Barratt is additionally a very curious physician, which brings us to his request to get a spinal faucet to check the tension in his brain. He realized he was not the primary astronaut whose eyesight had improved while in room, and he hoped sticking a needle into his back again may well give a clue to his eyesight reduction. The primary concept for the time was that microgravity raises strain in the head and reshapes the eyeballs, which may be problematic for long-term space journey to sites like Mars. “This is actually a health-related situation that impacts a significant percentage of men and women who fly in house,” Barratt claims. “So the stakes are exceptionally superior.”Scientists realize that when individuals go into house, the fluid usually under their hearts goes into their heads. But can it be creating more than enough force to break the eyes? Will it flatten them and have an effect on the optic nerve? Or is there a little something else at engage in? Dr. Benjamin Levine is over a mi sion to see. He’s a profe sor at College of Texas Southwestern Health-related Centre and Director with the Institute for Work out and Environmental Drugs. As an alternative to sticking needles in astronauts’ backs, though, Levine decided to stay needles inside of the brains of specific people who keep on this planet. Enlarge this imageTrent Barton, a volunteer for that review searching at strain within the brain all through area flights.Courtesy of David Hamhide captiontoggle captionCourtesy of David HamTrent Barton, a volunteer for your study on the lookout at strain within the mind for the duration of house flights.Courtesy of David HamHe identified eight healthy cancer survivors who nonethele s had ports in their heads, after accustomed to provide chemotherapy. Those ports would enable him to instantly measure their intracranial tension. Then, he confident them for getting on a aircraft to get a kind of extreme roller coaster ride to simulate the zero gravity uncovered to the ISS. You realize that sensation of weightle sne s any time you fall on the roller coaster? Well, these folks did that, besides they plunged eight,000 ft in thirty seconds, dozens of situations, all inside the title of science. Trent Barton, a lymphoma survivor from Dallas, went about the wild excursion previously mentioned the Texas-Mexico border. “I enjoyed each and every rotation we did,” Barton states. Enlarge this imageDr. Justin Lawley, teacher in inner medicine at University Jeff Locke Jersey of Texas Southwestern, floating in zero gravity.Courtesy of David Hamhide captiontoggle captionCourtesy of David HamDr. Justin Lawley, instructor in inside medicine at University of Texas Southwestern, floating in zero gravity.Courtesy of David HamDuring the flight, a needle inside the port in his head monitored the force inside the fluid surrounding his brain. Turns out, Levine suggests, house flight does not bring about pre sure to become a great deal higher than it is actually if you or I are standing up. But, it’s slightly larger. He released the results while in the Journal of Physiology. But, contrary to us earthlings, astronauts hardly ever get to relaxation their brains in reduce tension. When they’re standing up in zero gravity, the fluid stays within their heads and is not going to head over to their toes. So, scientists like Levine at the moment are attempting to find a approach to give these astronaut brains a relaxation. So we now think this delicate but persistent force could be the matter which is stimulating reworking the eye and leading to the visual impairment,” Levine claims. “We’ve been doing the job with UnderArmour, the garment firm, to come up by using a gentle, but at ease pretty much just like a sleeping sack or pair of trousers, which you could put on during the night time, hook approximately a vacuum cleaner, suck the blood and fluid into your feet and unload the center as well as the brain while you happen to be sleeping,” he states. Astronaut Dr. Mike Barratt suggests he’d be willing to attempt the sleeping sack, but he also wishes to accomplish much more checks over the ISS to better comprehend intracranial tension in advance of we send out astronauts further into space. As for Barratt’s eyesight, six several years after his flight? “It’s my proper eye which includes apparently been permanently remodeled,” Barratt claims. “Other than that, I’m entirely standard.” To put it differently, he’s nonethele s the identical curious medical profe sional, he just sees things a bit in different ways given that he is again in the world.

China’s Setting up Spree In Bad Nations: Does it Genuinely Assist The Neighborhood Financial system?

Enlarge this imageThe circles on the map pinpoint the situation of many Chinese-funded advancement tasks. The bigger the circle, the bigger the expenditure. The most important circles symbolize projects while in the multibillion-dollar vary.Map by Soren Patterson, AidData/William & Mary/Screenshot by NPRhide captiontoggle captionMap by Soren Patterson, AidData/William & Mary/Screenshot by NPRThe circles over the map pinpoint the situation of a large number of Chinese-funded growth tasks. The larger the circle, the bigger the investment decision. The biggest circles represent projects in the multibillion-dollar a sortment.Map by Soren Patterson, AidData/William & Mary/Screenshot by NPRChina has done a ton of setting up inside the developing world. Over the past two decades, it has financed and built bridges, hospitals, roads, railways, airports and seaports many billions of dollars’ worth and counting. “China has recently become a major financier of economic infrastructure,” according to a new report from AidData, a progre s finance research lab based at the College of William & Mary. That sounds like a good thing. But there are skeptics. Development experts and Western politicians have raised many questions: What is China’s goal in developing all this? Are these tasks well-constructed? And are they actually beneficial?China Unbound Now the AidData team at the College of William & Mary is using night lights to shed some light on that last question. In recent years, China has been very clear about its ambitions to expand trade and influence via infrastructure and investments in other countries. They call it the “Belt and Road Initiative.” But nearly everything else about China’s progre s strategy its spending, tasks and project locations is officially a state secret. That shroud of secrecy has bolstered a popular narrative that China is a “rogue donor” that pours money into undemocratic governments to promote Chinese growth and acce s Pedro Alvarez Jersey to natural resources. Skeptics say the Chinese projects are of little use to the countries, often in Africa, where they’re built. Politicians have described some of them as “white elephant” jobs. They point to seaports, bridges and other jobs that cost a great deal to build but aren’t actually getting a lot of use.It also doesn’t help that there have been numerous accounts of shoddy construction: A road in Zambia washed away during the 2009 rainy season. A bridge in Kenya collapsed during construction in 2017. And a hospital in Angola was evacuated months after opening in 2010 for fear it would collapse. Development specialists say these accounts are concerning, yet some leaders of recipient countries still voice their preference for working with China. Their argument is that China is a “one-stop shop,” not only financing tasks but building them as well. Often, it’s cheaper and faster to work with China than with traditional donors, like the World Bank, and it comes with fewer strings attached, such as requirements to privatize the project once it’s built. And now there’s another point in China’s favor. New research suggests that China’s infrastructure tasks may be better at reducing inequality in developing countries than many Western programs. “It could be anecdotally true that a given project was a white elephant, but it isn’t systematically true,” says Bradley Parks, one of the study’s authors and executive director of AidData. Parks says that according to his team’s research, there is a strong correlation between Chinese jobs and economic growth during the countries where they’re built. He also says that Chinese-financed “connective infrastructure” things that connect people from one place to another, such as roads, bridges, railways and ports are distributing economic growth into rural areas more evenly than traditional Western advancement programs have. That’s because China favors Colby Rasmus Jersey projects that connect people and busine ses from rural, remote interior areas to even bigger coastal cities, where there are more economic opportunities. The AidData team came to that conclusion after identifying and locating more than 4,400 Chinese development jobs implemented in 138 countries between 2000 and 2014. They did so using online sources, like news articles, Chinese emba sy websites and field research from academics and nongovernmental organizations. “The Chinese government doesn’t have a central data set that they share,” Parks says. “But there’s a huge amount of information that is scattered acro s the Web.” Then they looked at nighttime satellite images from the U.S. Defense Meteorological Satellite Program’s Operational Linescan System satellites. Parks says that it’s “reasonably well-established in [academic] literature” that nighttime light is a good indicator of household income more light means that families in that area have more money. The AidData researchers measured changes over time, starting back in 2000 and going up to 2013, during the amount of light visible within a certain distance from China ’s connective infrastructure. They found that while in the later images, light was not just concentrated inside the immediate vicinity of the tasks, but it also had spread within the provinces and districts where they were built, as well as between provinces and districts. This, they say, suggests that Chinese connective infrastructure is spreading economic growth acro s large regions. Some researchers, though, say there’s more digging to be done. “There is no doubt that many Chinese investments have had a positive impact, regardle s of how short-lived,” says Jacqueline Muna Musiitwa, an international lawyer based in East Africa. “That said, it is important to determine [definitively] if incomes are increasing, what money is being spent on and whether quality of life is improving. It is not enough to look at economic growth figures, because they do not adequately tell the story at the micro-level or change our daily engagement with poverty.” Johannes Urpelainen, director and profe sor of energy, resources and environment at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies says he thinks the study is “a good step forward” and consistent with what other research has shown about the potential of infrastructure to reduce inequality. “The next step would be to collect more detail on what’s actually happening in these communities,” Urpelainen says for example, if any factors, other than household income, are contributing to more light. “It’s a very big challenge, but that seems to be the most important next step.” Parks agrees that their measures of light “could also capture other aspects of human improvement, including local health and education outcomes.” But, he says, even if it does include other factors, finding a relationship between connective infrastructure and those results including reduced inequality is “still good news.” Joanne Lu is a freelance journalist who covers global poverty and inequity. Her work has appeared in Humanosphere, The Guardian, Global Washington and War is Boring. Follow her on Twitter @joannelu.

Professional Airliners Experienced Their Most secure Year At any time, Flight Trackers Say

Enlarge this imageTravelers stroll and examine their flight information in Terminal three at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in December.Nam Y. Huh/APhide captiontoggle captionNam Y. Huh/APTravelers walk and check their flight details in Terminal three at Chicago’s O’Hare Intercontinental Airport in December.Nam Y. Huh/APThere have been no fatalities on busine s pa senger jets in 2017, in keeping with two groups that observe airplane crash facts, making it the most secure calendar year in present day aviation historical past. There have been two deadly accidents in pa senger airliners involving tiny turbo-prop planes, according to To70, a Dutch aviation consulting busine s. These numbers mean that the rate of lethal mishaps in commercial flights in large airplanes is one particular for every sixteen million flights, based on To70. The consulting team provides that “there ended up no accidents in 2017 connected to illegal interference.”The Two-WayReport Blames Pilot In Lethal Balloon Crash, But in addition Points Finger At FAA The Aviation Security Network, situated in the Netherlands, tracks crashes in cargo and A.J. Klein Jersey selected smaller aircraft additionally to your planes tracked by To70. Neither team displays armed service aircraft. “Over the yr 2017 the Aviation Safety Community recorded a complete of 10 deadly airliner mishaps, ensuing in forty four occupant fatalities and 35 people over the ground,” ASN claimed in a a sertion. Meaning 2017 will be the safest ever, “both by the variety of deadly incidents together with with regards to fatalities.” 2016 saw sixteen accidents and 303 people today killed, based on ASN. Air travel has developed steadily safer within the past a long time. “Since 1997 the common selection of airliner mishaps has revealed a steady and protracted decrease,” claims ASN president Harro Ranter. The ASN facts consists of a crash on New Year’s Eve in Costa Rica that killed 12 people. According to Reuters , a “Nature Air Ce sna 208B Grand Caravan aircraft crashed minutes soon after takeoff right into a mountainous region off the seashore town of Punta Islita.” 10 of these killed are U.S. citizens, the wire service studies.The Two-WayPlane Crash In Costa Rica Kills 10 Us residents, 2 Locals And inspite of the reduced fatality figures, To70 stre sed that there were 109 non-fatal mishaps, which include numerous which were “quite really serious.” It points for the “spectacular lo s of an motor inlet lover and cowling on an Air France A380.” That plane managed to land safely and securely. To70 warned that civil aviation “does continue to carry incredibly significant hazards.” It included that travellers carrying lithium-ion batteries on board can develop a chance of fireside. And psychological well being challenges and fatigue are very important to addre s for folks performing in aviation. The last time more than 100 folks have been killed inside a crash was in Oct 2015. A Metrojet flight crashed in Egypt’s North Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 persons on board. In a very tweet Tuesday, President Trump appeared to take credit history for your robust basic safety overall performance. “Since using busine s office I have been very rigid on Industrial Aviation,” he wrote. Given that having place of work I have been incredibly demanding on Commercial Aviation. Superior information – it had been just reported that there have been Zero deaths in 2017, the most effective and safest yr on file! Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January two, 2018 It is not apparent that there’s any marriage involving Trump’s insurance policies and also the international trend of lowering airline fatalities. Since the Linked Push wrote, “the last profe sional airline fatalities within the U.S. transpired in July 2013. Three travellers were being killed when Asiana Airways Flight 214 crashed although landing at San Francisco Global Airport.”

Contingent Of Youngsters Rock Pyeongchang

Enlarge this imageVincent Zhou of Group Usa reacts next his efficiency inside the men’s absolutely free determine skating final. Zhou is among numerous youngsters who designed it to the Winter Video games.David J. Phillip/APhide captiontoggle captionDavid J. Phillip/APVincent Zhou of Workforce United states reacts subsequent his general performance inside the men’s free figure skating remaining. Zhou is one of many young adults who made it on the Wintertime Online games.David J. Jack Conklin Jersey Phillip/APThe angst of teenage life is often too much to handle. The angst of getting an grownup and observing adolescents a number of whom usually are not aged plenty of to vote within the U.S. complete awesome feats of human toughne s and mental fortitude is … perfectly, also too much to handle. An impre sive number of adolescents will not be only competing inside the 2018 Winter season Video games. In a few instances, they’re succe sful.American Chloe Kim, seventeen, grabbed headlines and hearts with her remarkable gold medal functionality during the women’s snowboarding halfpipe. NPR’s Bill Chappell experiences that Kim is already regarded amongst the ideal snowboarders in historical past, and her tenacious determination to scoring well, but also taking pleasure in herself bodes well for her foreseeable future Olympic prospective buyers. ” ‘Going to my third operate I realized I had the gold,’ Kim claimed. ‘But I also knew I wouldn’t be happy taking the gold and being aware of that i hadn’t put down my best. That third run was for me to put down the very best run I could do.’ “Kim also shared her humanity and her higher rate of metabolism inside of a several tweets.Would like I concluded my breakfast sandwich but my stubborn self decided not to and now I am obtaining hangry Chloe Kim (@ChloeKim) February 13, 2018 Could po sibly be down for some ice cream rn Chloe Kim (@ChloeKim) February 12, 2018 Yet another American, velocity skater Maame Biney, turned eighteen some weeks right before arriving in South Korea. Biney arrived on the U.S. when she was five which is the initial African-American woman to qualify for the U.S. Olympic speedskating staff. Biney has an immensely positive spirit. Smile. Which is the best you may do when you’re owning a foul working day. It will not be lousy permanently. So just keep cheesin’I’m enthusiastic for Saturday and I’m absolutely going to present it my all! Thanks men for all the supportive me sages, indicates a lot #teamusa Maame Biney (@BineyMaame) February fifteen, 2018 She experienced 2nd and fourth location finishes in qualifying races earlier within the 7 days. Biney is ranked next ahead in the one,500 meter heat scheduled for Saturday evening, Korea time.The Torch A brief Monitor To your Olympics For Washington, D.C.-Area Speedskaters The baby of Group United states is determine skater Vincent Zhou, who turns 18 in Oct. The California native experienced an exuberant efficiency on Saturday early morning in South Korea. Although he finished in sixth put, it was apparent from his reaction that he was thrilled with his free of charge skate performance. Social media marketing responses highlighted excellent anticipation of yank medal po sible in Beijing 2022. .@TeamUSA’s 17-year-old @govincentzhou is unquestionably Amazing in his 1st #WinterOlympics! #TokyoOlympics (@NBCOlympics) February seventeen, 2018 Zhou and teammate Nathan Chen skated early and afterwards waited anxiously through the men’s free skate on Saturday to find out whenever they could hold their podium positions. Chen, 18, arrived in to your free skate after a disappointing seventeenth position within the men’s shorter method, and wowed the gang which has a historic six quad jumps. But following explosive packages from Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu and Shoma Uno and Spain’s Javier Fernandez, Chen and Zhou landed in fifth and sixth place, respectively.The Torch Men’s Figure Skating Forecast: Chilly With a Probability of Pooh RainHolding down the title in the youngest competitor throughout the Winter Games is Wu Meng, competing while using the People’s Republic of China to the freestyle snowboarding competition in halfpipe. She’s considered one of numerous 15-year-olds who produced it to Pyeongchang. Wu labored her way up through competitions inside the U.S., New Zealand and China, position bigger each time. The women’s ski halfpipe competitivene s commences Monday.Other teen Olympic titans consist of, by using NBCSports:Jennie-Lee Burman son (15) Ski Slopestyle (Sweden) Zhang Kexin (15) Ski Halfpipe (China) Alina Zagitova (fifteen) Determine Skating (Ru sia) Kim Hanul (15) Figure Skating (South Korea) Hiroaki Kunitake (15) Snowboard Large Air/Slopestyle (Japan) Reira Iwabuchi (sixteen) Snowboard Brynden Trawick Jersey Major Air/Slopestyle (Japan) Alice Robinson (sixteen) Alpine Skiing (New Zealand) Ayaulum Amrenova (16) Moguls (Kazakhstan) Nico Porteous (sixteen) Ski Halfpipe (New Zealand)

Het klinkt erger dan het is..

ADD leven
Leven met ADD. Het klinkt erger dan het is. Tenminste, dat is mijn mening. Sinds ik officieel de diagnose ADD heb gekregen, is er niet veel veranderd.
Een lange tijd heb ik getwijfeld of ik hier wel of niet over zou schrijven. Veel mensen weten niet precies wat ADD is, of ze denken er negatief over. Veel werkgevers denken er voornamelijk negatief over. Terwijl het alles behalve negatief is. Nou ga ik niet heel diep in op wat ADD is en wat de symptomen zijn, want daar zijn genoeg websites over gemaakt. Ik ga in op hoe ADD deel uitmaakt van mijn leven.
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ADHD positief

Magazine-ADHD-positief-blog1ADHD positief….
tja adhd waarom ben je niet selectief
waarom niet alleen ik maar ook mijn kids in het bezit van jou,
Begrijp me niet verkeerd er zijn momenten dat ik van je hou,
Je geeft me doorzettings vermogen en kracht
En van jou heb ik vast ook mijn humor waarom iedereen lacht.
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De vanzelfsprekendheid van vriendschap

Ik was een onhandig kind. Niet onhandig in de zin dat ik struikelde, dingen stuk maakte of niet goed oplette in de klas. Ik was sociaal onhandig.kwetsbaarheid Ik kan me niet herinneren of ik dat altijd ben geweest. Als kleuter trok ik in elk geval al enorm naar de volwassenen toe, die begreep ik denk ik beter dan leeftijdsgenoten. De buurvrouw, mevrouw Zijlma, zit nog zo in mijn hart! Vriendjes of vriendinnetjes van mijn eigen leeftijd had ik eigenlijk niet. Ik miste dat niet echt maar als ik het wel gemist had, dan zou ik geen benul hebben gehad hoe ik vriendschappen zou moeten sluiten. Of hoe je moet vragen of je op het schoolplein mee mag spelen, of hoe je een speelafspraak maakt. Hoogst ingewikkelde zaken voor mijn ikje toen ik klein was.

Ik weet wel dat mijn moeder me op allerlei manieren probeerde in beweging te krijgen of op zijn minst van mijn kamer af. Net zoals ik ook wel eens bij mijn kinderen doe: ‘ga anders even bij die-en-die langs, dat is vast leuk’. Nou en dan ging ik bij die-en-die langs. Not! Ik fietste gewoon een rondje door de wijk en weer thuis loog ik: die-en-die was niet thuis.Soms kwam ik daar mee weg maar dit leugentje werd ook nog wel eens doorgeprikt.

Zo rond 4VWO ging het allemaal ineens vanzelf, kreeg ik een vast groepje van vriendinnen om me heen. Mensen die dezelfde interesses hadden als ik en dan kwam de klik vanzelf. Tijdens mijn studie idem dito, als er gemeenschappelijke interesses waren dan liep het gewoon vanzelf. Maar geloof me, hoe je dat proces een handje helpt als het niet vanzelf ging daar had ik beslist geen kaas van gegeten. Zo ben ik een keer van Groningen naar Leiden gereisd voor een afstudeerborrel van iemand waar ik verder niemand kende. Ik ben er 5 minuten geweest en heb mezelf daarna snel en stik-eenzaam weer op de trein terug gezet. Een praatje aanknopen? Geen idee.

Inmiddels ben ik er wel handig in geworden. Hoe? Doordat ik in mijn NLP-opleiding veel geleerd heb. Bijvoorbeeld over het onderwerp ‘rapport’, een onderwerp waarbij werd uitgelegd hoe je kunt leren om makkelijk contact te maken als je dat wil. En ook doordat ik nu beter begrijp waarom ik soms makkelijk contact maak en soms het liefst in de kelder wil verdwijnen. Nieuwe vriendschappen sluiten, contact maken, het gezellig hebben gaat me beter af. Contact en vriendschap is niet iets dat ik van nature altijd begreep en beheerste. Ik heb dat geleerd. En terwijl ik dit schrijf weet ik dat velen dit zullen herkennen en tegelijkertijd schaam ik me dat ik dit schrijf. Alsof ik een soort sociale kneus ben die op cursus moest om iets te leren wat de rest van de wereld vanzelf kan!

Onze oudste zit al drie weken ziek thuis. Er wordt zo af en toe geappt door klasgenoten hoe het met hem is. En hij antwoord niet. Omdat hij niet weet wat hij zou moeten zeggen, immers de dokter heeft geen verklaring voor zijn lamlendig ziek zijn. En dus haken de klasgenoten af, want ze horen niets van hem. Ik zeg hem: joh die jongens zijn ook onzeker. Willen ook bevestiging van jou dat je ze als vriend wil. Dat doe je niet door dat nadrukkelijk te zeggen, maar wel door te antwoorden. Door uit te reiken. Door hulp aan te nemen of te geven, ook als dat niet expliciet gecommuniceerd wordt.

En dus bedacht ik me: sommigen hebben hulp nodig bij rekenen of lezen. Anderen bij gymen en voetballen. En sommigen moet je de do’s en don’ts van het sociale verkeer iets explicieter uitleggen. En dus neem ik me voor om samen met hem naar de appjes te kijken en eens te bedenken wat goeie antwoorden zouden zijn. De dans van het opbouwen van vriendschappen dus. Want ik weet wat hij nog niet weet: minstens de helft van zijn klas vindt het net zo spannend om uit te reiken, kwetsbaar te zijn en echt contact te maken. Misschien niet eens de helft van zijn klas. Misschien wel de helft van de wereld!


Ik diagnosticeer mezelf met..

brainWat zijn jouw dromen? Wat ga je morgen doen? Zal ik vandaag die spijkerbroek aan doen of toch een jurkje? Heb je ook dat je 6 keer dezelfde bladzijde kan lezen maar uiteindelijk niet weet wat je hebt gelezen? Wel weet je dan dat je twee verschillende sokken aan hebt, dat je vanavond pasta gaat eten en dat die persoon naast je in de trein heel leuk is. [Lees meer…]


labelmakerOudste leest niet makkelijk. Als het aan oudste zou liggen leest hij níet. Dat dit enigszins problematisch is, hebben we ook wel gezien. Immers school bestaat voor een groot deel uit hiërogliefen ontcijferen. We hebben hem daar gebalanceerd doorheen willen helpen. Niet teveel pushen, focussen op zijn sterke kanten en er vooral geen ‘ding’ van maken.
Onlangs kreeg hij een schooladvies dat hem en ons tegen viel en eigenlijk stomverbaasd achterover liet vallen. Hadden wij dan altijd verkeerd tegen hem aangekeken? Zagen wij zijn cognitieve prestaties door een roze bril? We dachten van niet. En we willen het joch ook geen overachieverige academische ouders aandoen die er uit willen persen wat er uit te persen valt. We denken niet dat we dat zijn hoor, maar toch. Wie weet hebben wij toch deze blinde vlek.
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